Alex Lentati

Alex Lentati has a passion for showing Evening Standard readers what’s actually happening in London. For over thirty years he has covered notable events, revealed through his pictures the inner characters of celebrities and, most of all, reflected the lives of Londoners in all their variety.

Big events have shown his resourcefulness. A rarely used service door led him to get the only immediate pictures of the Kings Cross fire aftermath. A tip-off led him to picture the early morning police raid on the home of Jamie Blandford, now the Duke of Marlborough.

Alex’s rapport with people comes through in his work. He took an iconic wistful picture of Princess Diana just days after the impending divorce was announced. We see Jeremy Corbyn juggling oranges, the late actor known to many as the original Dumbledore, Richard Harris stumbling out of the Savoy fire in his dressing gown, a young Leonardo de Caprio days after the release of Titanic and the great singer song writer the late Lou Reed on tour in London.

It’s not just celebrities that make compelling shots. His work with everyday people and places is what he likes best. “I always try to show what’s happening – the joys, sorrows, disasters and triumphs of everyday Londoners,” he said.
portrait of photographer Alex Lentati