Andy Paradise

Andy Paradise has been a professional photographer since the start of 2000.

The previous year, he left the Kent Institute of Art & Design with a 2:1 BA Hons Degree in ‘Editorial and Advertising Photography’ although his learning of the medium began much earlier in the labs of Pinewood Film Studios. Since the start of 2000, Andy primarily worked for the UK broadsheet newspaper ‘The Independent’ as a staff photographer but going freelance at the beginning of 2003.

During his time as a staff photographer, he went on a wide variety of assignments from portraits of A-list US actors to gritty news and politics. After just nine months of professional working, he secured himself his first award at the ‘Picture Editors Awards’ for best Black & White image of 2000.

Since going freelance he has taken on a variety of other clients (see client list) and has also been pursuing other areas of the medium, which hold interest for him. The dedication, timing and patience he brings to each assignment ensures he will get the best images from a subject and that the ‘definitive moment’ is always captured.
portrait of photographer Andy Paradise