Roger Taylor

I left, or was told to leave school at the age of 15, and got a job as a runner boy at the Sport and General press Agency in Gough Square off Fleet Street.

Then a Darkroom boy , then a Printer and by the age of about 19 was told I would be a photographer the next week, was in the thick of it with my MPP micro press 5×4 plate camera.

Then as years passed, the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, and did 8 years with the FT, then back and forth to Italy and Telegraph. Returned to London in 2000 and spent a year at the Dome, Millennium experience. Which enabled me to learn how to use a computer and digital cameras, it was a great job, so different, – after this back to the Telegraph, Time magazine, FT, And then settled down doing Features fo Mike Spillard on the Weekend Telegraph.

I had an exhibition in Hong Kong, and one at St Pauls Cathedral which was attened by the Queen Mother. She was presented with an album of my pics, after meeting her in the Crypt where the exhibition was held.

I am now living in Italy with my wife Rhiannon, in Caprese Michelangelo, and can look out of our studio window to the house where Michelangelo was born.