Kiss me Hardy

Kiss Me Hardy ,March 27th, 1981 by George Phillips ‘May I kiss the hand of my future Queen’ Cheltenham schoolboy Nicholas Hardy asks Lady Diana Spencer on March 27th, 1981 just weeks before her marriage to the Prince of Wales at St Pauls Cathedral on 29th July. The soon-to-be-married Diana visited The Dean Close School […]

Salvador Dali May 5th, 1959 by George Elam

Salvador Dali May 5th, 1959 by George Elam This wonderful photograph of Salvador Dali was taken by George Elam. George was a photographer for the Daily Mail who joined them as a messenger boy in 1934 and retired as deputy picture editor in 1985 Apart from the war years in which he served in the […]

Celestial Fracture 23/02/2021

This mosaic of images of Saturn is the 2021 winner of the Annie Maunder Prize for image innovation in the Insight Investments Astronomy Photographer of the Year awards. The Royal Museums at Greenwich host these fantastic awards that are the closest we can get to exploring space from the comfort of our own armchair. I […]

Henri Cartier-Bresson .February 1953

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson .February 1953 ,photograph by Marilyn Stafford It seems that stories about photographers always include a mention of Henri Cartier-Bresson. He studied painting in his teens and was keen on surrealism but turned to photography in 1933. If Henri Cartier-Bresson (22/08/1908 -3/08/2004) had been a musician he would have been credited with the beginnings […]

March 1954, The Himalayas by Ralph Izzard

March 1954, The Himalayas by Ralph Izzard In early 1954 the Daily Mail spent the modern-day equivalent of one million pounds to send an expedition to the Himalayas to find the Abominable Snowman. The 15-week expedition set off from Namche Bazaar in Nepal on 14th Feb 1954 This magnificent view of the Himalayas mountains was […]

London’s East End

June 1957 Could this be the last photo taken by Picture Post ? Frank got into photography inspired by photographs taken by his Dad who had traveled the world with the Royal Marines. Views of the Far East and of ships of the Royal Navy adorned the home. Photos hung on every wall. Further inspiration […]

The Story Behind: Punch Line by Roger Bamber

Picture Editor and photographer, Kenny Lennox described Punch Line by Roger Bamber as the picture of the millennium. Brighton’s Punch-and-Judy man Sergeant Stone was setting up shop in readiness for the school holidays when four year old Jermaine Briffa wandered along the deserted beach with his father and provided puppeteer him with a small but […]

ESI Media & The Homeless Fund Partnership

The number of people sleeping rough is up a fifth in the year from July 2018. On average, across the country, two people are die each day who are homeless. That is why ESI Media has launched a two-year campaign, it’s most ambitious yet to highlight the issue and develop initiatives to help stop homelessness. […]

Fall of the Berlin Wall: Goodbye to all that.

Germans who bemoan the failures of reunification might do better to remember how bad it actually was – and reflect on how far the country has come. The fall of the Wall was the single event that signified the collapse of Communism in Europe – and it still does. No matter than the Soviet Union […]