Floating Ideas in a Drought

Many believe that the extraordinary weather we are experiencing this summer is unique, but not so. The summer of 1996 brought similar weather and an item on The Today programme on Radio 4 had broadcast that the water levels of Roadford Reservoir in Devon had dropped by 35 foot. The picture editor of the Mail […]

The Longest Doorstep by Richard Lappas

A few days into the new year and the grapevine was awash with rumours that Prince Edward was on the verge of quitting the Royal Marines despite the fact that according to his commanding officer, was fully expected to complete the training course and attain the coveted green beret. As the phones started to jangle […]

A Bloody Nose For The Prince by Richard Lappas

A Bloody Nose For The Prince by Richard Lappas

Rumours had been rife for some time that Prince Edward was joining the Royal Marines initially for a three day assessment. If accepted the course would take around a year before passing out and earning the green beret. Security was extremely tight so getting anywhere near the Prince outside any official photo call was nigh […]