Kiss me Hardy

Kiss Me Hardy ,March 27th, 1981 by George Phillips ‘May I kiss the hand of my future Queen’ Cheltenham schoolboy Nicholas Hardy asks Lady Diana Spencer on March 27th, 1981 just weeks before her marriage to the Prince of Wales at St Pauls Cathedral on 29th July. The soon-to-be-married Diana visited The Dean Close School […]

Salvador Dali May 5th, 1959 by George Elam

Salvador Dali May 5th, 1959 by George Elam This wonderful photograph of Salvador Dali was taken by George Elam. George was a photographer for the Daily Mail who joined them as a messenger boy in 1934 and retired as deputy picture editor in 1985 Apart from the war years in which he served in the […]

Dave Ofield – Review of the Career

Picture  Editor of the Evening Standard looks back over twenty years as picture editor of the Evening Standard. Fleet Street’s Finest is thrilled to announce that we have joined with the Evening Standard so that we may bring you the best photography from one of the greatest newspapers in the country. Recently retired Dave Ofield […]

Ron Case and the Three Queens

February 15 1952 started as a routine day for photographer Ron Case, staffer for Keystone Press Agency. His arrival in the office led to a change of assignment for him and he was sent to cover the funeral of King George V1 at Westminster Hall. Much to his dismay he had no passes or accreditation […]

Photographer’s Tale: Donald Campbell, 4 January 1967

On the 4th of January 1967 the eyes of the world were drawn to a cold, deep stretch of water in the English Lake District. Donald Campbell was the holder of eight world speed records and was the only person to set both land and water world speed records. Following in his father’s footsteps, Sir […]

Harrow and Wealdstone Rail Crash, 8th October 1952 by George Phillips

The Reverend John Richards stands in the mangled wreckage of the overnight express from Perth, a local passenger train and an Express train heading from Euston to Liverpool. Around 1000 people were aboard the three trains and 112 people died in the crash and 340 were injured. It is the worst peace time rail crash in the […]

Floating Ideas in a Drought

Many believe that the extraordinary weather we are experiencing this summer is unique, but not so. The summer of 1996 brought similar weather and an item on The Today programme on Radio 4 had broadcast that the water levels of Roadford Reservoir in Devon had dropped by 35 foot. The picture editor of the Mail […]

The Longest Doorstep by Richard Lappas

A few days into the new year and the grapevine was awash with rumours that Prince Edward was on the verge of quitting the Royal Marines despite the fact that according to his commanding officer, was fully expected to complete the training course and attain the coveted green beret. As the phones started to jangle […]

A Bloody Nose For The Prince by Richard Lappas

A Bloody Nose For The Prince by Richard Lappas

Rumours had been rife for some time that Prince Edward was joining the Royal Marines initially for a three day assessment. If accepted the course would take around a year before passing out and earning the green beret. Security was extremely tight so getting anywhere near the Prince outside any official photo call was nigh […]

The Portrait of the Artist – Grimes by Andrew Fox

One of the challenges for most photographers is the portrait. It is so simple to turn up get someone to smile for the camera and head back to the office. But the challenge of the portrait is like a layered cake and the bottom layer is the simple approach above. So, what to add next? […]