Salvador Dali May 5th, 1959 by George Elam

Salvador Dali May 5th, 1959 by George Elam This wonderful photograph of Salvador Dali was taken by George Elam. George was a photographer for the Daily Mail who joined them as a messenger boy in 1934 and retired as deputy picture editor in 1985 Apart from the war years in which he served in the […]

Ron Case and the Three Queens

February 15 1952 started as a routine day for photographer Ron Case, staffer for Keystone Press Agency. His arrival in the office led to a change of assignment for him and he was sent to cover the funeral of King George V1 at Westminster Hall. Much to his dismay he had no passes or accreditation […]

Harrow and Wealdstone Rail Crash, 8th October 1952 by George Phillips

The Reverend John Richards stands in the mangled wreckage of the overnight express from Perth, a local passenger train and an Express train heading from Euston to Liverpool. Around 1000 people were aboard the three trains and 112 people died in the crash and 340 were injured. It is the worst peace time rail crash in the […]

Pic Of The Day – A New Record by Norman Potter

Matthew Butson oversees the archive at Getty Images and has been with the archive for three decades. Here Matt tells the story of the Photographer that captured the seminal moment when Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile. On May 5, 1954, a twenty-five year old athlete would go to bed as an unknown. The following […]

London 1666 by Lucy Young

I love this picture. I think it would be stunning on any wall and something that you would never be tired of. It was taken by working press photographer Lucy Young.  Follow Lucy’s Twitter account HERE. Lucy is a regular for newspapers such as The Times and more often for the London Evening Standard. This […]

First Day of Autumn by Lucy Young

Meteorologically speaking we have now entered autumn. I think in a previous life I must have been a creature that hibernated. Spring brings me such pleasure and hope. Lighter evenings, the removal of excuses to do things because it’s too dark or too cold. A feeling to get on with life. The possibilities for the […]