ESI Media & The Homeless Fund Partnership

The number of people sleeping rough is up a fifth in the year from July 2018. On average, across the country, two people are die each day who are homeless. That is why ESI Media has launched a two-year campaign, it’s most ambitious yet to highlight the issue and develop initiatives to help stop homelessness. […]

And the Winner is…

Fleet Streets Finest, was this year lucky enough to be invovled in the 2018 UK Picture Editors Guild Awards. The Guild Awards are the premier awards for Press Photographers in the UK and held at a prestigious event at the Head Quarters for the Honourable Artillery Company in City Road, London. Over two hundred press […]

PRESS RELEASE – Independent Partnership

October 7th 1986 was the day The Independent newspaper arrived. Its design and brave use of pictures came as a shock in many newsrooms. The impact on other newspapers was dramatic, it was as if someone had lit a fuse and then stood back to watch the explosive result. The use of pictures across many […]

PRESS RELEASE – Fleet Street’s Finest

Alan Sparrow Chairman of the UK Picture Editor Guild and director of the UK Picture Editors Guild awards has announced a new venture he is involved in. Working with ex Daily Mail Graphics Editor and former Metro colleague Bret Painter-Spanyol they have launched Fleet Street’s Finest Ltd. a web site that pays homage to press […]