About Us

Fleet Street’s Finest – The Art of Photojournalism

A tribute to the role of UK Press Photographers

Those contributing to Fleet Street’s Finest have had their work published daily in the newspapers of the world. We want you to appreciate the work of photojournalists who have spent a lifetime at the very cutting edge of news.

Many have worked all their lives providing front page pictures while witnessing momentous events. From toppled Prime Ministers and the weddings and births of the British Royal family members. News that has happened while they work before their very eyes. They have trained their lenses on disaster and have seen spectacular sporting events around the world.

So now is the moment for them to express their personal passion for photography. Now they find the opportunity to produce and share stunning images of the world around them. Skills previously honed while producing world-class news photography are now apparent in the illumination and exploration of their surroundings.

You can buy images from working photographers, engage with their blogs and follow their work. The portfolio of work contributed by the photographers continually changes with the seasons.

Only the most noteworthy photographers and the finest work is considered by the panel of editors at Fleet Street Finest and their work is continually scrutinised to ensure the highest quality.

This site is a tribute to photojournalists so often unappreciated but often the main element on a newspaper page but often unattributed.

About the Directors

Fleet Street’s Finest is the brainchild of Alan Sparrow and Bret Painter-Spanyol who originally met in 2007. Both at the time were employed on the DMGT freesheet title Metro.

Together they have over fifty years of journalism experience. Alan Sparrow, working as a picture editor for forty years and now Chairman of the UK Picture Editors Guild and Director of the UK Picture Editors Guild Awards. Bret Painter-Spanyol having worked at a number of national titles as a graphic artist leaving the Daily Mail as Interactive Graphics and Video Editor in 2014.

Together they aim to give a platform to photojournalists that enables them to share with a wider audience the work of press photography.

We hope that you enjoy the images seen on these pages and will return regularly to see how the photographers work reflects the changes around them.