The Evening Standard

‘Standard,Standard!’ – was the call from newspaper vendors throughout London since May 1827 when the paper was first published. ‘Read all about it’ was often heard as Londoners returned to their suburban homes.

The Evening Standard has accompanied London commuters on their journey home updating people with the news of the day long before news was accessible via mobile phones. It’s presence in London and its comprehensive knowledge of London theatre land and the London social scene made it a must read for those who are able to enjoy London’s nightlife.

In early days it was set up as a daily paper to challenge The Times newspaper who considered it an “upstart” but it was it’s foreign coverage in the 19th century that attracted readers. Later it was decided that it’s future success lie in being an evening newspaper and not a daily so it became the Evening Standard.

When circulation was flagging in the 1960’s it was to a cartoon hero Modesty Blaise that the paper turned and the strip ran until 2002 it has a reputation for outstanding journalism and award winning photography.

The Standard is enjoying a bout of rejuvenation since becoming free and circulation is higher now than it has ever been under the editorship of former Chancellor of The Exchequer George Osborne, the latest of the Evening Standards 32 Editors. Fleet Streets Finest is thrilled to bring you the best of the Evening Standard so that you may enjoy it at home.

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