.The first day of Autumn.The first day of Autumn in 2010 was marked by wet weather for London. Picture: A squirrel sits on top of a stack of deckchairs in St James's Park..Copyright Lucy Young 2011.

First Day of Autumn by Lucy Young

Meteorologically speaking we have now entered autumn. I think in a previous life I must have been a creature that hibernated.

Spring brings me such pleasure and hope. Lighter evenings, the removal of excuses to do things because it’s too dark or too cold. A feeling to get on with life.

The possibilities for the new year seem endless. Trips on holiday, time to spend with family and friends, bottles of wine on the sun deck, all hope is here.

Everything is possible. Even re-organising the finances.

But the arrival of autumn feels like an alarm clock going off in the winter. The longing for just a little while longer with the comfort blanket of the warm sunshine.

The garden furniture put into storage, the summer clothing put away and replaced with the warm scarves and gloves. Overcoats not touched since last winter dusted off and readied for the winter.

Is there anything to look forward to? The wood burner, cosy night indoors as the chill bites the evening air outside, crisp snow and Christmas joy.

Oh, maybe I can survive, after all there is always next spring to look forward to .

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