Big Foot Small Chick by Ian Tyas


Big Foot Small Chick by Ian Tyas


Part of the Fleet Street's Finest Biographists Series.

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4th April 1974 Big Foot, Small Chick.
Sir Harry Evans(28 June 1928 – 23 September 2020), a former editor of the Sunday Times and grand statesman of the newspaper industry produced a book in 1978 for newspaper people, “Pictures on a Page” for picture editors in particular and those using pictures in general.
Included in the book was this picture of the Elephants foot pressing down on the tiny chick.
Evans used this as a good example of juxtaposition to illustrate size and scale.
In 1974 the then picture editor of the Daily Express, Struan Couper was struck by the picture because it was a cute Easter picture. In fact he was so pleased with it that he used the picture across half of page three of the paper. These were the days when the Daily Express was a broadsheet and the image used on such a grand scale was very effective.The photograph was taken by a young photographer from Keystone Press Agency, Ian Tyas. Ian Tyas/Keystone/Getty

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