Bem Le Hunte by Bo Lutoslawski


Bem Le Hunte by Bo Lutoslawski


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Bem Le Hunte is Associate Professor – Creative Intelligence, Course Director – Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation (BCII) at Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation, UTS (University of Technology Sydney)
The ancient cultures of India evolved to the rhythm of the seasons and daily routines, in a natural progression from birth to death in which each stage of life was – and still is – celebrated by rituals. At the heart of all events sitars, tablas, sarangi, bansuri, sarods are played, creating music based on ragas. These musical compositions are uniquely Indian, in that they are restraining, even prescribing, and at the same time open, so that players can improvise, feeling free in the company of other musicians.

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BrandFleet Street’s Finest
Dimensions8 x 10″ to 40 x 60″ (plus frame and mount)
Made in the UKYES
Material Wood, Perspex
ProcessA Lambda C-type print

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