'London 1666', a 120-metre long sculpture of the 17th-century London skyline which was set alight in a dramatic retelling of the story of the Great Fire of London. A collaboration between American ‘burn’ artist David Best and Artichoke, the project has involved months of work and participation with local schools and young Londoners. The event was part of the London’s Burning festival produced by Artichoke, commemorating the Great Fire of London.
By Lucy Young 


London 1666 by Lucy Young

I love this picture. I think it would be stunning on any wall and something that you would never be tired of. It was taken by working press photographer Lucy Young.  Follow Lucy’s Twitter account HERE.

Lucy is a regular for newspapers such as The Times and more often for the London Evening Standard.

This photograph ‘’London 1666’’ is of a 120 metre long sculpture to commemorate The Great fire of London that happened on the 2ndof September 1666.

It was a collaboration of work by American ‘Burn’ artist David Best and Artichoke.

Many months of work with young Londoners participating created this fantastic result that was set ablaze as part of the commemorations. The event marked the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire in 2016, watch the video of it HERE!

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